Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life’s teachings from a true REALISER


Sri Partha Guha

“All Divine for all time as it is” - Sri Sri Babathakur

I feel very overwhelmed when speaking about Sri Sri Babathakur’s many teachings, let alone presenting an analysis about any one of them. I feel lacking in my ability to fully understand and act upon His teachings. Aware of our ignorance, our beloved Master always presented His teachings in a way that could be understood by all - something I consider to be a blessing that he bestowed upon us. How else would we be able to make any progress in our journey of discovering I-Reality.

In the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the Master. While listening to Him, I felt like I was absorbing all that He was saying. However when it came time to implement His teachings, I invariably found myself faltering. The obvious question arising in my mind was why? The reason is because all of His teachings are based on pure consciousness whereas the worldly life we live in is a ‘mixed life’, and hence mixed consciousness. This life of mixed consciousness has both positives and negatives integrated in it and therefore we will always experience difficulty in finding peace in our lives. Our only hope is to rid ourselves of the self contradictory life we lead and embrace the Science of Oneness. Pure consciousness is the real “I” and elaborating upon that, the Master revealed to us His realization of I-Reality.

One of the many teachings of Sri Sri Babathakur that has impacted my life profoundly is the following: “All Divine for all time as it is”. The most common cause of altercations and lives’ numerous problems is our inability to ‘accept all’. Our Master always emphasized the principle of ‘all acceptance’ – i.e. to accept whatever happens and allow the Divine Mother to play her game of self consciousness. If the Divine indeed exists in everything, at all times without any prejudice or change, then all that happens in our lives is as per the wish of the Divine - and accepting that will only take us closer to our own self realization.

On self reflection, I have found myself being swayed by life’s duality and struggling to follow His teachings. My journey towards self realization continues.

I would like to conclude by quoting Sri Sri Babathakur Himself when he spoke to me on August 2nd, 2005. He said, “Consciousness without I and I without consciousness cannot be possible - and that’s why I apply the science also on I; I in I, I of I, I from I, I for I, I by I, I with I, I to I, I on I and I beyond – beyond – beyond. Such a realization is of the highest order or higher than the highest of realizations –i.e. it is eternally one without a second “ekomebadvyam”, or second-less. Such is the realization I want to unfold before all, and I also try to unfold a science which is not a conventional one. If someone wants to study the conventional science surely they can do that, but what I have realized is the Science of Oneness, which is, All Divine for all time as it is”.

Joy Babathakurer Joy…………………………………………………………………….

( … to be continued)

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