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Guru Vani

GuruVani (Continued from Friday, Oct. 30, 2009 issue of E-SriSanai)

This is an excerpt of Sri Sri Babthakur’s speech as compiled by S.R. Rajderkar in Science of Oneness (1989)


The nature of ‘Being and Becoming’ unfolds the inner divinity of life. Being is the inner spirit. It is the principle of knowledge, understanding, conscience, bliss, love and peace, all ‘at-One-ment.’ It is the unity and identity of all the principles. Becoming is revealing glory of Being, which is twofold. One is from the centre towards the outer, and the other is from the outer towards the centre. The former is from Oneness to manyness and the latter is from manyness to Oneness as stated earlier.

Nature of life is analyzed in the following way: Outer nature is controlled, sustained and maintained by inner nature, the inner nature by the central nature and the central nature is controlled and governed by the transcendental nature. Different planes of energy-resource are the manifestations of one and the same Infinite Self or Divine Consciousness.


Dharma, religion, according to spiritual science is the sustaining principle. It is the infinite process and technique of all-round development and balance of power and knowledge of both inner and outer nature of man as well as that of the entire creation. It contains the total essence of all manifestations. In fact, it is the unity principle of free nature of life, whose function is ever unfoldment of Inner Divine Virtues of life.


The work of a scientist and the work of a spiritualist, though appear to be different in nature, are in fact not so, but are complementary and supplementary to one another. Modern scientists deal with the natural sciences; they are possessed by the sense of universal causation. Their function is mostly with the ‘effect and cause’ of the outer nature. So their knowledge is solely material, objective, relative, secular or rather empirical and intellectual. On the other hand, ‘Science of Knowledge’ is the reality behind all. The spiritualists or true religionists deal with the spiritual science, the ‘Science of Oneness.’ Their function is based on the knowledge of the Divine Self, the Absolute Reality, only source of all and the only cause of all causes and effects of life. They are found to deal more with the knowledge of ‘cause and effect’ than with the knowledge of ‘effect and cause’ which is the basic principle of the scientists.

Modern science consists of different branches, namely physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, botany, zoology, geology, astronomy, anthropology, cosmology, etc. Among modern scientists, some are devoted to the culture of life-science including psychology (mental science), bio-physics, bio-chemistry and other allied subjects also. All of them have contributed much to the library of human knowledge no doubt, but none of them could find out the true nature of man, nor they could find out the essence of character and conduct of man.

The physical science or natural science attracts the attention of scientists and makes them absorbed in itself, and the scientists, in and through their scientific analysis and investigation, become aware of some of the subtle laws and principles acting within the natural phenomenon. All such scientific discoveries open the gateway within the natural phenomenon to find out the cause state of creation of diversified nature and life as well. Scientific theories are formed out of these discoveries. They are named as Evolution theory, Quantum theory, Relativity theory, Atomic theory, Cosmic ray theory and so on.

In their work of observation and investigation, they are to depend on subtle powerful instruments and apparatus made by their mind. Though these instruments are to some extent very helpful to them and without which they cannot carry out their scientific work, these are after all a bar on their way to perfect-finding. For objective analysis, these apparatus are alright, but these are not helpful for the subjective research of life. In this respect, some of the foremost scientists admit and appreciate the idea – where physics ends, metaphysics starts.


The metaphysical science is nothing but a different name of the ‘Science of Oneness’which is the science of the Rsis and sages. By culture of this science, the sages and saintly people of the past, experienced and realized the Truth and Reality of life and creation of Supreme Divine SELF, the One (the Absolute) directly through their inner consciousness and a purified well-trained mind. Even the realisers of present time, with the help of the ‘Science of Oneness,’ have realized the same Truth and have attained their true nature, i.e. the Infinite Divine Nature.


Natural science provided us with material advancement in numbers and it has given us two powers – physical and intellectual. It is not all perfect. In spite of having well-development of physical and intellectual powers, people are not satisfied and fulfilled. They feel insecure for the fear of death. For the attainment of perfection, balance and peace in life, spiritual science is needed. The ‘Science of Oneness,’ if truly followed and cultured, can save all from the calamity of death, from the misery of bondage of transmigration. By proper culture of it, humanity will attain its True Nature which is ‘All Divine for All Time, As It Is.’ The present-day crisis of the world is that of proper education and proper security of life. Development of atomic energy and atom bomb by the modern scientists of physical science, causes several other problems for mankind, over which they have no control. As such they fail to solve the worldly problems and remove the tension of fear, which go on increasing until it brings the total destruction to themselves and all.

The physicist and chemist with their knowledge of physics and chemistry are all right in laboratory work, but they do not help us much in case of dealing with others in society and family with their household activities. Material science and Spiritual science both are necessary for the all-round development of human society. Laboratory versus family, i.e. head versus heart, can be equalized only by the culture of the ‘Science of Oneness,” the Adhyatma Vidya.’ I have no mission at all, yet my only mission, the missionless mission, is to spread out the ‘Science of Oneness,’ the Adhyatma Vidya, to the people of the world without any sense of restriction or limitation, just like the luminous function of the sun which itself remains unattached by all objects of the creation that it illumines. I know how people are suffering all over the world from the ignorance. The development of hatred, jealousy, violence, hypocrisy, corruption, nepotism, manipulation and delusion are born of duality of ignorance that hunts for sense-enjoyments. All these take place in life due to lack of self-control. By culture of Adhyatma Vidya (Science of Oneness), one can easily get rid of the reactionary effects of delusion of duality of ignorance and be perfectly established in one’s True Nature.


‘Science of Oneness’ provides us with the Realization of Self Knowledge. It is not only for the hermits or the sages dwelling in the cave, but also for all without exception. It is the birthright of all. Only that, one should desire it, culture and develop it, side by side with the modern science. A scientific mind is essential for the culture of the ‘Science of Oneness,’ in order to achieve the highest end or goal in life. If ‘Science of Oneness’ manifests a little in the heart of man, he will be able to conquer anger, fear, desire and acquire inner spiritual power and knowledge with the fullness of its quality and quantity and thereby be fully reestablished in peace. With the perfect manifestation of this science, human nature is totally transformed into divine nature; and perfection, liberation and the realization of True Nature becomes spontaneous. The Divine Self shines in life. A man of Self-knowledge knows that ‘atomic energy’ forms the outer nature and ‘atmic energy’ forms the inner nature which is all conscious energy, designated as ‘Cit-tattva,’ ‘Bodh-tattva’— ‘Atma-tattva.’


Realizers of Divine Self are Sages and Seers – ‘Spiritual Scientists.’ They realize the entire universe to be with their Self. They accept and embrace all as their own Self, with the unity of understanding and identity of their Self with the universal One and the transcendental One as well. For such realization, one requires perfect training, a disciplined life and a pure mind along with the spiritual support and guidance of a perfect teacher. Knowledge grows from learning. Proper learning or education unfolds the inner knowledge, power and truth. For the knowledge of the established scientific theories, one requires proper training. Without proper training one cannot understand them rightly, not to speak of ordinary people. Highly educated people can follow the subject but cannot claim originality. A true scientist owns the originality of his realized theories, just as a true Sage or Seer (Spiritual Scientist) owns the originality of his realization or the direct experience of the Ultimate Reality as ‘All Divine For All Time, As It Is.’


The depth of man, the spiritual nature of man, which is known as ‘Adhyatma Vidya,’ is all balanced; eternally one by nature which is full of love, sympathy, goodwill, compassion, bliss and peace.

Our Divine Nature should be cultured at all cost, for the attainment of our perfection, liberation and divinization of life. For that culture, the present educational system is not effective. It should be thoroughly changed and be replaced by that of a manmaking education. Such educational system would provide us with the scope of all sorts of scientific and technical training TOGETHER with full course for implementing the ‘Science of Oneness’ in life with the following four musts:

  • control of senses both inner and outer
  • practice of concentration and mediation
  • spiritual discrimination and devotion
  • self-analysis and self-enquiry

in and through Real love for Divine Self, the One (the Absolute).

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