Saturday, May 18, 2019

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima issue of e-Sanai

by Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Dear fellow seekers,

Let me begin by recapping how we got this blog started. 

In one of our meetings with the Master, He emphasized the importance of the discussion of spiritual topics regularly amongst the devotees.   He also asked us to begin a hand-written magazine that could be informally circulated amongst devotees – where anybody and everybody could express their thoughts about spiritual matters.  This would benefit co-devotees who may have similar queries in their day-to-day life.

Given the onset of the digital age, we quickly realized that circulating a hand-written magazine would not be practical – however, a blog would be a very efficient way of reaching out to devotees. This led to the formation of the e-sanai blog, which is published quarterly. 

On this auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima, we are requesting devotees to do the following:
  • Come forth with articles/contributions to the blog on a regular basis.
  • Broaden the circulation base by referring your friends and family. You may send their email addresses (with their permission of course) to
And let me be permitted to reiterate our Master’s august proclamation “All Divine for all time, as It Is”. 

If we can remember this teaching of His, day in and day out – we won’t need any religion whatsoever to find God – for the Master is categorically stating that the same Universal One is present in everybody, including our own self.

If we can remember this teaching, then there will be no mud-slinging like the kind being seen in today’s pre-election scenario.  There will be Universal love amongst each and every one of us.  The Master has referred to this as the only panacea in today’s age. 

If we can remember this teaching, we will not be trying to downgrade anybody, there will be no sense of competition.

Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur!


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