Saturday, May 18, 2019

Material Science and Spiritual Science

by Sri Amalabha Dutta

Material Science and Spiritual Science apparently seem to have two diametrically opposite approaches to exploring creation. In this context, it is quite interesting to study the revelations of Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur (Master) who convincingly utters that there is no difference between the two sciences. In His first ever public appearance in a gathering of scientists, He said - ‘The material science and the spiritual science are one in essence, which is the revealing truth to the individuals.’ He also said - ‘Scientists in general have not yet realized it. This truth was first discovered by the ancient Sages of this country after a great deal of research, concentrated investigation and deep observation to find out the true nature of life and creation. To know the reality and the truth of infinite energy resource behind the life and the entire phenomenal creation, they had to follow both the analytical process and possess the concentration of a well-disciplined pure mind. Through the analytical process, they reached the energy source of outer nature of life and creation, and in and through deep concentration and meditation of a pure disciplined mind, they arrived at their Self-Knowledge – the Witness Consciousness, the Divine Reality.’ 

It is well-known that Material Science has shaped human society through ages adding newer gadgets at every stage of development affecting living standards since the dawn of human civilization. Since more and more comforts have been successfully added to our day to day life nobody can question the utility of material sciences. But when we look at how material sciences function we find that the scope is limited to exploring matter and energy only. Moreover, separate branches have developed owing to studies from separate angles and approaches. Thus came the subjects— physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, geology, astronomy, etc. The scientists are involved in the study of one or the other of these branches. There is no doubt that the scientific community belonging to these separate disciplines have added an immense volume of information to human knowledge-base and are continuing to do so in ever increasing volumes. To add to the overall complexity and diversity, newer subjects and branches are coming into existence giving rise to more specialties.  As a consequence of this, sometimes we feel that the specialists are becoming more and more expert in less and less. Especially so when we find that an ophthalmologist can’t treat diabetes or a retinologist doesn’t treat conjunctivitis. Of course, there are arguments in favor of specialization, but we can’t deny disasters happening due to lack of a holistic approach. Here we may quote from what the Master had said in His first appearance before the scientific community— ‘In their work of observation and investigation, they are to depend on subtle powerful instruments and apparatus made by their mind. Though these instruments are to some extent very helpful to them and without which they cannot carry out their scientific work, these are after all a bar on the way to their perfect-finding. For objective analysis, these apparatus are alright, but these are not helpful for the subjective research of life. In this respect, some of the foremost scientists admit and appreciate the idea — 'where physics ends, metaphysics starts’. 

However, there is no doubt that the modern scientists of the highest levels have done a lot of interdisciplinary work in trying to find unified theories to bridge the gaps in the scientific knowledge-base. And, in doing so they also had to take somewhat holistic approach. Stephen Hawking has agreed with the ancient philosophers while acknowledging that physics ultimately has to ponder over the deeper questions dealt by metaphysics (meta, i.e., beyond). There is no doubt that when all normal logic fails, philosophy starts playing its role. A yogi’s walking on water or floating in air cannot be explained by the principles of physics, but we can probably explain it using metaphysics. Here we become forced to look beyond physicality. Much of quantum physics is uncanny, allegedly of an incomprehensible nature, presenting confusing ideas that violate common sense. Albert Einstein’s famous quote “spooky action at a distance” implies something like that.
On the basis of the Master’s teachings, we can conclude that it is not possible to know the Truth without introspection. His ‘Divine Teachings’ encompass such a vast territory of wisdom and knowledge that even the most ordinary individuals are able to find some ultimate life-enriching lessons in them. His great profundity, unprecedented ease of expression and a very scientific approach shows the path to people who can think rationally. If we follow his saying— ‘Deep meditation awakens the inner spirituality and divinity of the seeker’, we should be able to reach the Ultimate Truth that can converge Material Science and Spiritual Science as one in essence.

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