Monday, April 30, 2018

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima issue of e-Sanai

by Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Dear fellow seekers,

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima edition of our electronic magazine. In this issue, I will try to highlight a few teachings of our Master and attempt to comment on those.

On Feb 23, 1988, Sri Sri Babathakur said the following at Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi:

o   I am neither a Sadhu, nor an a-Sadhu.

·            According to him a Sadhu is a person who has lost all desires – and an a-Sadhu is a person who has desires. But if one is immersed in the Science of Oneness, there can be no desires (desires happen only when there is more than one person/thing). Since our Master is completely identified with the Supreme One Absolute, he doesn’t need to lose any desires. He is thus never an a-Sadhu – therefore he doesn’t need to become a Sadhu.

o   I don’t engage in the criticism or discussion of others.

o   I rule over my mind by telling the mind that:

·            I will not fulfill your wants and needs

·            I will not be obedient like a pet dog and sit at the mind’s door

o   Jealousy and hatred happen only when there is more than One. 

In my limited understanding, I feel that the above tip which Sri Sri Babathakur had given us for controlling our minds, is an excellent tool for use in everyday life. In our experiences, we see that our mind controls our behavior and everyday activities. We forget that our mind is a reflection of our Supreme One, and that we constantly feed our mind with new objects, ideas and desires.  This has a multiplicative effect, and we keep moving more and more away from our real Self.  On the other hand, if we follow the tip given by our Master – we will (re)gain control of our mind and get closer to our real Self.

On the same day, Sri Sri Babathakur narrated a very interesting story of a mother who had lost her only son at a very young age in an accident. This boy was very brilliant in his studies and had always topped his exams upto the M.Sc. level. The mother had become very distressed and violent. She was brought to Sri Sri Babathakur by a devotee.  The lady’s first question to our Master was “Why did you take away my son?”

Our Master politely explained to her that she was only playing the role of a mother in this divine drama. With great compassion, our Master explained to her that her son was keeping quite well in the bosom of the Real Saccidananda moyee Ma. He further explained that her son was being hurt by her sorrow (she had not eaten for 4-5 days, not taken a bath, not slept for several days) – and that she should desist from this kind of behavior.

He further encouraged her to resume her normal life, so that her son’s worries and sorrows could decrease. He further asked her to become a mother of other sons – not just the one who was no longer with her. He asked her to start feeding her son’s friends and find him within them. By this, he urged her to become the Real Ma – Jagat Janani, and emerge from her current role of being the Mayarupi Ma

What a beautiful application of the Science of Oneness! Can we all begin to reflect on the Science of Oneness that has been showered on to us by our Master, and apply it at every stage of our life? 

Joy Babathakur!  Joy Babathakur!  Joy Babathakur!

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