Friday, May 20, 2016

Acceptance Leads to Remakable Results

by Sri P.C. Lahiri

Ten years ago twin girls were born to a young couple living in a cohesive joint family in a metropolis in India. One child started displaying very odd mental and physical behavior. Investigations revealed that the child as being highly autistic, her autism rating 8.5 to 9 on a scale of 10. Autism is a lifelong neurobehavioral disorder, characterized by impaired social communication skills, excessive rigidity, and strong emotional tendencies which can be homicidal in highly autistic children. The diagnosis sent shock waves through the family. However through extensive study and deep internal deliberations (rather than courtesy of any significant external intervention), the couple was able to “accept” the situation “as it appeared”. At that time they were not in touch with the teachings of the Master (Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur). What followed is the subject matter of this piece, presented in light of what was revealed to and has been narrated by the Master.

The well-educated and ambitious modern-day mother quit her well-paying and emotionally satisfying job to take care of the child herself without depending on helping hands. Good and proper treatment of an autistic child is astronomically expensive. The whole financial burden fell on the father. Undeterred, the couple went about their respective tasks with full determination and effort. In the beginning, almost every step they took was followed by a setback.  Frustration, anger and helplessness mounted, but they carried on with every bit of life left in them, always supporting and encouraging each other.  Late in the evenings, they would share their experiences, draw inspiration from each other and get ready to dive headlong into the tasks of the next day.  A stage came when they stopped anticipating results and with further continued practice, they finally arrived at a state where none of them was even looking at results. “Acceptance of all that appeared and as it appeared” in and around their daughter was the key mantra for both of them.  It is an amazing example of a two-man army unknowingly following the principles revealed by the Master against all odds.  It is not that the Masters of yore did not talk about the principle of “acceptance”; those directions however are lost now, being buried in the folds of time due to lack of use/misuse. There was a need of presenting this Supreme Principle all over again in a form suitable for this age and in a perfectly scientific manner.

Nature is subservient to the perfect Masters.  Master has revealed that nature sits like a pet dog at the feet of Supreme Realizers waiting to fulfill Their command of any kind.  However the level of desirelessness and the state of absolute Unity is so perfect and complete within Them (the Masters), that not even a thought arises of using the open offer. An example of this state appeared in the life of Jesus Christ just before the end of the mundane existence of His physical body when death by crucifixion was ordered; had even a thought arisen within Him, all perpetrators would have been burnt alive then and there.  However what came out was a prayer Oh Father! Please forgive them for they do not know what they do. This is also a perfect demonstration of Absolute Acceptance without any second thought whatsoever. What followed after crucifixion is the golden history of spiritual development of humanity. The other angle to this has reference to that revelation of the Master wherein He calls His body-instrument as the Sanai (a musical instrument like flute) in the hands of the Supreme Divine Mother. He further states that Mother plays It any which way She wants to fulfill Her ‘sportful dramatic sameside game of Self-Consciousness’. This means that each and every word that has emanated from the lotus lips of the Master is for the fulfillment of the ‘sportful dramatic sameside game’ of this universe and beyond. Hence isn't obvious that anyone sincerely following the path revealed by the Master has to receive all round support sooner or later, without asking for it or even looking for it?

That is exactly what happened in the life of this couple and continues to happen. Their acceptance of everything related to their daughter and consequently changing/re-adjusting their lifestyle in totality, resulted in rare achievements and fulfillment. The father as a consultant started getting higher paying assignments along with strong recommendations, which in turn has created a continuous chain of assignments. There is always help/suitable advice available at hand for activities centered in and around their daughter without asking. When they need an idea or a specific solution to new issues that keep cropping up, support arrives. There have been miraculous incidents in this direction. The child now attends a proper school of able children as the “lone student with special needs” allowed in the whole school. The fact that she has been admitted to a regular recognized school is an unprecedented phenomenon in itself.  The mother drives the child to school, is with her during the school (by special permission) and at the end of it, drives her back home. If the child’s development continues on expected lines, then a time may come when she will be able to manage herself all alone in school.  Her twin sister has accepted everything in totality at this young age to become her best friend and playmate.  She has been and still is compassion personified when her sister goes through regression, a typical emergency situation with autism.  She has accepted in totality the fact that her sister gets and always will get all the attention.  At the age of 10, she comes across as a cool, calm, mature and very steady child.  The parents have now become a “go to” couple for many others all over the world.  They openly share their knowledge and experiences without any hesitation and go out of the way to help others in all possible ways. They are now finding joy and happiness in whatever they are doing.  Recently a young upcoming female film maker and director produced a National Award winning documentary on this case featuring real life situations at home, school, therapy sessions, playtime etc.

In this connection I would like to share a principle that was revealed to and subsequently narrated by the Master. People who look at faults of others are ghataks (killers/treacherous persons), those who look at their own faults and make sincere efforts to rectify them are sadhaks (efficient ones/devotees), those who have corrected faults and filled the gaps in life are siddhas (accomplished/perfected ones) and those who freely make available their perfection to one and all are maha-siddhas (supremely accomplished and perfected Ones). Let us apply this principle to the case in hand. When the calamitous truth dawned on this couple, they accepted the calamity wholeheartedly, joined hands, and went about working towards all possible solutions like sadhaks, instead of blaming others for their own fate. As life unfolded before this sincere, devoted and hard working couple, they made right use of the experience to become the accomplished ones (like siddhas) in their area of operation.  Going further with the same intensity, they have now become benevolent leaders (like maha-siddhas) who treat all affected families and persons similar to their own case.

It has been a very inspiring experience for me and continues to be so. If the above can happen by the wholehearted acceptance of a very difficult lifelong situation, then why cannot one fully realize the Absolute within by ‘all-acceptance & all-embrace’ formula revealed to and narrated by the Master. The basic principle to be applied in both cases is the same. The wholehearted acceptance of a calamitous lifelong family scenario can be expanded to the wholehearted acceptance of all or the wholehearted embrace of all.

Submitted at the lotus feet of the Master.

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