Saturday, June 12, 2021

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima issue of e-Sanai


by Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Joy Babathakur!

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima edition of e-Sanai. For the last few weeks we have all been hearing of bad news as several of our brethren have had to deal with the terrible pandemic amongst an acute shortage of medical help. We have heard of good Samaritans coming forward to help the affected people, and we have also heard of countless cases where unscrupulous elements have tried to take advantage of the situation – without realizing that they themselves could be a victim of a calamity some day. According to our Master (Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur), both sets of people are expressions of the same Absolute – the good Samaritans are carving out a better life for themselves when they are reborn, and the unscrupulous elements are carving out a destitute life for themselves when they are reborn. So what can we all do in this helpless situation?

A helpless state in Bengali is called A-shohay. But our Master has given us two different meanings for this word (taken from Chapters 12 & 13 of Atma Sutra Vol. 2).

  • Be dependent on the Absolute One: A(bsolute)-shohoy. This is the state when there is no Ahamkar. Much like when a person who doesn’t know swimming and is about to drown in a swimming pool – one is only dependent on the Creator/Absolute Oneness.
  • Constantly be associated with the Absolute One. Since each one of us is an expression of that Absolute, the Master is asking us to keep ourselves associated with the Absolute One.

Why do I bring this up now? In this kind of desperate situation, it is very important for all of us to face the challenges with the strength that comes from having faith in the Absolute One – to forget about our individual “I” or Ahamkar and keep full faith in the Absolute One. The Master has categorically told us that the Absolute One is hugging us tightly, even during the toughest of times!

Joy Babathakur!            Joy Babathakur!            Joy Babathakur!               

Love is Divine


by Smt. Mandira Lahiri

Since childhood, we have been hearing this word— LOVE. We were told and taught that love is a beautiful emotion. It is a divine feeling. It is always within us. We were told to love everyone and hate none. While growing up, in school, in college, at our workplace, in our married life, in fact, within us, all around us we witness different facets of love. Love of a mother for her child, love of a child for his parents, love for work, love for relationships, love for food, love for animals, love for peace, love for nature, love for the country, love for humanity, love for friends, love for luxury, love for cleanliness, love for travelling, love for hobbies, love for neighbors, love for society, love for good and great things in life etc.

We have heard about Mirabai’s unconditional love for Lord Krishna….love of Krishna for Sudama….love of Shabari for Lord Rama….love of Arjun for Lord Krishna…..Ramakrishna Paramhansa’s love for Maa Kaali….Eklavya’s love and devotion for Dronacharya…Shravan’s love for his blind parents….Gandhari’s love for Dhritrashtra made her blindfold herself for the rest of her life…..Ramakrishna’s love for Vivekananda and vice versa….love between Laila and Majnu, love between Romeo and Juliet… love between Heer and Ranjha……Shah Jahan’s love for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal……and so on.

When I was growing up, my mother was my constant companion and she imparted many a valuable lesson to me. Out of those which impacted me very strongly were her words on love. She would tell me to dwell on the power of love… unfavorable circumstances could be transformed into favorable circumstances through love, how a foe could be turned into a comrade, how an untamed animal could be tamed through love, how a problem child could become well-behaved through love, how relationships could be nurtured through love. She taught me to love and respect nature also. And finally, she made her statements more valid by saying that when you love others, they love you too. I benefitted hugely by trying to follow some of it in my life.

Here is an excerpt from the book— “365 Dalai Lama—Daily Advice from the Heart”:  “Love is the ultimate way to transform people, even when they are full of anger and hatred. If you express love continually and steadily, without ever tiring, you will touch them. This takes a lot of time. One needs tremendous patience. But if your intentions are perfectly pure and if your love and compassion are steady, you will succeed.”

J. Krishnamurthy in his book "Meeting Life” explains, “A mind that is self-concerned with its own ambitions, greed, fears, guilt, suffering has no capacity to love. A mind that is divided in itself, that lives in fragments, obviously cannot love. Division implies sorrow; it is the root cause of sorrow- division between ‘you’ and ‘me’, ‘we’ and ‘they’, the black, the white, the brown and so on. So, wherever there is division, fragmentation, love cannot be, because goodness is a state of non-division. The world itself is indivisible.”

A prayer in Mother Teresa’s bool “Love, Joy and Peace” goes this way----“Lord, help us to see, in your crucifixion and resurrection, an example of how to endure and seemingly to die, in the agony and conflict of daily life, so that we may live more fully and more creatively…..Enable us to go through trials patiently and bravely, trusting that you will support us; for it is only by dying with you that we can rise with you. Amen.”

Mother Teresa said, “God is giving us something so that we can show that tender love, that concern. Sickness comes to teach us something, to open our eyes to the need of the tender love that we all have and that has been forgotten, been pushed out.”

An excerpt from Rhonda Byrne’s book—"The Secret”:  “There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love. The feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. If you can wrap every thought in love, if you could love everything and everyone, your life would be transformed.”

Our divine Master, Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur, in his book ‘Nectar of Wisdom’ has unfolded the meaning of love beautifully. He says, “LOVE IS DIVINE GRACE ITSELF, AS ITSELF REVEALS SO. This meaning is absolutely original, though it may not at first be appreciated by the intelligence of a scientific brain or mind; yet It ultimately remains the same with Its supreme originality of the highest Divine Essence as being revealed from within -out of Its spontaneous nature of every joyful expressiveness.”

Sri Sri Babathakur often spelt words backwards in order to give us the hidden meaning of some words. Love becomes then ‘EVOL’ and each letter has a meaning: ‘E means Eternal, V stands for Virtue, O for of and L for Lord. Thus ‘LOVE’ means ‘ETERNAL VIRTUE OF LORD.’

Like other saintly personages, Sri Sri Babathakur also spoke about True Love or Divine Love and put forward that: “Love, Divine Love knows no hatred, no violence, no disagreement, no disapproval, no discontentment, no disregard, no disbelief, no defamation and no fault finding nature. Love has no impurity, no inability, no doubt, no degree and no duality. Love knows only to embrace all without hesitation or discrimination of caste, creed, color or class. Love amounts all, Love adapts all, Love adjusts all, and Love accommodates all. The most notable feature of Love is that It is: One in One, One of One, One from One, One for One, One by One, One with One, One to One, One on One and beyond One also.”

Sri Sri Babathakur’s whole being radiated with Divine Love and he showered that Love on one and all.

Mattri Tattva: Song No. 61

The following is a transliteration by Sri Ramen Basu of one of Sri Sri Babathakur’s songs (Song No. 61 appearing within the Mattri Tattva section of Swanubhava Sudha Vol. 1).

O mind! If you want to see Mother Divine

Let not your heart pride in desires

In ignorance, do not stroke your ego

O mind! Do no more stroke

In the names and forms amidst creation

Just you see your Divine Mother in front

O mind, have faith to accept all in the

Mother - Consciousness

Never hesitate O mind, do not ever hesitate.

Every word is the word of Mother

In Mother - Consciousness sound is the dimension

What is heard, act of hearing, the audience is verily the Mother Divine

Never forget to listen O mind, do not ever.

Every thought is the idea of Mother Divine

Never forget to accept that O mind, do not ever.

That every Consciousness is Divine Mother Herself

In Self Consciousness She is one’s Own Atman

The Supreme Absolute within and without

O mind you do not know Her, not even aware of either.

The union of Self Consciousness inner and outer

The identity of Mother Divine, the Mother-Realization

As She is one’s Own Self 

Surrender yourself on Her lap O mind, why don’t you surrender. 


Transliterated by Ramen Basu and offered to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Babathakur.

The translator would like to express his gratitude to Mr. Debashish Kundu for his valuable suggestions in editing this poem. 




by Sri Debashish Kundu


Beloved Babathakur asked 
me to sit in comfort
Let the thoughts settle down
Let there be no thought
Still, pacific, silent
Is that Bhuma?
Sri Aurobindo handled all
Ashram responsibilities to
The Mother and
dedicated decades to Savitri 
He is the substratum 
on which the flower 
blooms, blossoms and merges, 
both Savitri and The Mother
The unending space in Savitri
Where the Rishi leads
‘one to one’s own Infinity’
Is that Bhuma?
Or is it the constant proclamation
Loud and wild
Soft and subtle
That says, ‘I know nothing.
I need know nothing.’
Is that Bhuma? 
Or is it the ‘as it is’
That is ever changeless
always without any change,
where there is not any other
That is a ceaseless void
Is that Bhuma?
Whatever it is
It is the Absolute offering of the mind
to offer and merge
in a void bereft of any identity,
attribute or uniqueness
An endless, timeless,
‘as it is’ void called Eternity
Hari Om Tatsat
Jai Sri Sri Babathakur