Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima issue of e-Sanai

by Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Dear fellow seekers,

Welcome to the Buddha Purnima edition of our electronic magazine.
In this issue, I will try to highlight a few teachings of our Master and attempt to comment on these with the Light of Oneness that our Master has provided us.

On Mar 20, 1988, Sri Sri Babathakur said the following at Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi:
  • When you degrade others, you degrade yourself.
  • When you kill others, you kill yourself.
  • When you love others, you love yourself.
Sri Sri Babathakur has time and again explained to us that the only substratum behind Jiva, Jagat etc. is the eternal Atman – the Paka Aami. That Supreme One has created each and every one of us, our minds, our intellect etc for the Divine game. That Supreme One has provided us with all the tools to play this game, while the Supreme One stands in the background as a witness.  As long as we are conscious of our true nature (our Oneness), then there is no issue in life.  But what do we do?
  • Our mind creates a sense of differentiation amongst ourselves
  • Our mind wants to rule over others
  • Our mind tries to prove that our temporary “I” (Kacha Aami) is superior to others. The moment we try to degrade others, our mind becomes filled with negative thoughts and we harm ourselves. This kind of thought moves us away from the Supreme One – and hence we degrade ourselves.
On the other hand, if we love others – we are getting closer to that Supreme One by removing any differentiating thoughts with others.  If the love is indeed true divine love, then we merge into that Absolute One and obtain bliss.  We begin loving the True One amongst us (Paka Aami). Our Master goes on to highlight the examples of ferocious animals (like the lion) being tamed by many great human souls – because the divine love of the saints overcome the feeling of hatred present in the minds of the ferocious animals.

Later in the same lecture, Sri Sri Babathakur cites the example of how ownership of property transfers from one individual to other(s). Likewise, he urges the audience to surrender the ownership of our belongings to the Lord.  Then one will not experience sufferings, because the ownership has been transferred back to the Lord – and hence the results belong to him!

At the end of the same session, the Master emphatically states that if we regard others to be great men, then we ourselves become great! What a simple, beautiful and powerful teaching!

Let us take a moment to reflect on His teachings and become unified with the Supreme being.

Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur!

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