Monday, May 16, 2011

Demonstration of Science of Oneness.

Smt. Sunetra Chakravorty

People like us have a very common problem of accepting the Right Knowledge. I remember during my initial days of visiting the Master (Sri Sri Babathakur), how difficult I found each word of His sayings to be. However I soon developed a liking towards Him and His words - and that fondness made me go to Him regularly. However the problem of not understanding the subject (and trying to discern the logic embedded in every sentence), was not helping me much.

The Master understood this. He said, “The mind is full of contradictions and preoccupied with bundle of thoughts, ideas and experiences. Intellect tries to prove them logically correct because mind and intellect both function with ego. So it is obvious that the ego will never allow the mind to accept new thoughts and ideas.” I wanted to learn and understand new things, but after a while the mind rejected whatever I was trying to learn, and the urge went away. The Master would then say, “You have to vacate your mind first”. Now the question arises how to vacate the mind?

He gave a demonstration. He took a big flat container and placed it on the table. Next He took a glass full of colored (muddy) water and placed it in the center of the flat container. Then He started pouring colored water from the top into the glass. After a few minutes I could see the glass still remaining filled with colored water - with the excess colored water overflowing on to the plate. He said, “Now I am going to replace the colored water with pure water. See what happens!” He continued the demonstration and started pouring pure water into the glass containing colored water. After a few minutes I could see the colored water starting to overflow, and what remained inside was pure water. I though it took a little while for the colored water to overflow from the glass. Master said, “Through the continuous pouring of pure water, the glass is now full of pure water. Same is the case with the mind. If you can continuously shower light (i.e. the light of Right Knowledge) into the mind, it will start absorbing that light. However, here you need the guidance of a Realized Master who will continuously shower the light that is the Knowledge of Knowledge/Science of Oneness, clear our mind and makes it pure, enlighten us and free us from all demerits.”

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